2011 Recognition Awards


Tri-County presented its annual awards, RCMP Volunteer Service Recognition awards, and 10-year service crests to members during the annual Christmas Diner on 04 December.Life Awards were presented to:  Eldon Gilmore, Robert Searle and Christopher Steeves. Missing from the pictures are Darren Meredith and Eric Steven.Life Members- May be granted to a member who has reached the age of 70 with a minimum of 10 years continuous service or has reached continuous service of 20 years. Life members may vote and hold office if they are still active. 

Other Awards not pictured 

RCMP Volunteer Awards

Five years:  Roland Lechasseur, Richard Paleske

Ten Years: James Buchanan, Dawn Chase, Eldon Gilmore, Andre Lacombe

Fifteen Years:  Joseph LaBelle, Raoul LeBlanc, Eric Steven 

TCGSAR 10-year Crests

James, Buchanan, Dawn Chase, Eldon Gilmore, Andre Lacombe

 A Field Team Member training was held on September 24 & 25.  It was an intensive weekend with both classroom and field sessions.  Students also had to complete a home study manual before attending the weekend course. Certificates and a 1st Aid Kit were given to the successful students. 

Field Team Member Certificates

Louis Bourque, Cathleen Burley, Donald Cormier, Francois Gagnon, Tyson Jardine, Geoffrey Kay, Michael Mann, Patrick Nagle, Robert Shannon,

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