Evidence Handling

Tri-County members spent the day in the woods practicing different search techniques, depending on terrain contours and waterfront proximity. They also reviewed evidence gathering and deceased subject site management protocols. 

Day long Jan 2018

Members spent the day Saturday, Jan 27, in the woods practicing their navigation and survival skills.  Many thanks to all who turned out to participate in this crucial training that can make all the difference when it's needed on a search, especially during the winter months.  A special thanks to Marc-Andre and the Training Committee for organizing this event. 

Years of Service

President Craig Winsor recognizes and Congratulates Chris Steeves who is our longest standing member having been with the team for 30 years! Congratulations Chris!!! Many thanks for your years of dedication. Here's looking forward to having you around another 30!

Awards 2018

Team President Craig Winsor congratulates V.P. Operations Jacque Schofield for his dedication and commitment to the team.

Greg Currie receives this years presidents award for his work as the Chairperson for the teams Training Committee. Congratulations to him, as well KUDOS to all the members who participated in the Training Committee.  

FFP Mock Search

Members of a provincial multi-team exercise were in the Fundy Footpath area near Martin Head and Goose River practicing their SAR skills while being followed by a film crew documenting the event.  Many thanks to those who participated.  It was a rough go in some areas with challenging terrain. 

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